TAG HEUER The chase for Carrera

How lucky I am! We made this real short movie to celebrate the 6Oth anniversary of a the lengendary Tag Heuer Carrera watch. Starring Ryan Gosling, Vanessa Bayer and David Leitch, in a (maybe too) meta story (hahaha). During the editing process, we all realised this film was the result of the best alignment of the stars: an incredibly constructive collaboration with Jerome, Yacine, Nico, Benoit and Nash of course.

AXA Confidence

Another AXA campaign, directed by Frédéric Planchon, with magnificent framing and photography.
The version I show is a Work In Progress, with Steve O’Leary’s music proposal: we haven’t adapted the image but still, the matching with lyrics is just incredible.


Another film by Mathilde de l’Ecotais, projected on a huge screen at the Los Angeles airport, and cutdown spots all over the world, while you’re waiting for your flight.
A fine mixture of sensations, colored liquids in a glass, sweet and violent at the same time, just like the taste of cognac. To be consumed with moderation!

Biotherm Aquasource nuit

Most of the time, an editor cuts either the director’s cut, either the agency’s cut: of course, there is more space for artistic expression in a director’s cut.
In this precise one, Olivier Rose wanted me to tell an abstract story playing with bubbles… The soundtrack always helps to do so: will you be able to recognize a sound extract of David Lynch’s “Lost highway”?

AXA Serena Know You Can

This new AXA campaign, launching the “Self belief” concept was a very long and complex cutting process: a level 1 spot with Serena Williams, hooking and leading to 3 “professional” spots.
I guess I have probably cut at least 100 versions…

The DS Writer

This web campaign for DS Automobiles was amazingly interesting to edit: the best selling author Joel Dicker describes how narrative creation works. I often use this campaign when teaching my students.

LCL Coin de rue

This is the typical kind of spot that seems easy to cut, but for such a product, the stakes are so important that every detail in every shot is important: nothing should be left to chance.
Covered by Queen & David Bowie “Under Pressure”.

C&A Feel good fashion

This was my second collaboration with sweetest Noe from Paris… in Germany: a european campaign for C&A’s autumn-winter collection, trying to rejuvenate its image.

NIssan Juke Awake

An exceptional spot by Philippe André, for the launching of this Nissan car.
My colleague Thierry Hoss started the project and I finished it with the agency and this astoundingly precise director: whenever I would trim a single frame in a cut without Philippe, he would notice it immediatly and explain why the cut was better with this frame.
Shot in Berlin!

Maison J. C. Boisset About Burgundy

This film includes a private piece of art, a glass table created by Mathilde de l’Ecotais for a burgundy wine producer: it is projected from the ceiling onto an invisible screen in the table. I had complete creative freedom in editing the image, music and sound.


I immediately accepted Ben’s project because of the subject. At first, we wanted the film to be more positive, but as the shooting and editing advanced, we realize we couldn’t tell this true story with less violence.

L’Oréal Sublime Bronze

Though this film is already 10 years old, I am very proud of this cut, starring Laetitia Casta, one of the most beautiful women I know (might she be made up or not): especially when she’s shot by Stéphane Coutelle.
Hot, hot, hot director’s cut!!!

Weight Watchers

The final version and first editor’s cut for a commercial by Wilfrid Brimo. It is always interesting to re-watch a first completed cut and notice how few shots are left in the final cut… I pasted my “I confess, too masculine” sound edit.
Watch out your weight!