P’tit Quinquin

A trailer for Bruno Dumont’s TV series for Arte, for international sales. I did it in a quite strange time for me in early year 2014: it took me more than two week just because the material was so good and funny. The production company decided to keep it as a public trailer and made a real buzz out it: the series was successful and a second season is planned.

Broken Keys

Young director and producer Valentin Domont shot some videos on Broken Keys’ shooting: we thought that beyond the official trailer, it could be interesting to use them for an internet campaign.
This is a selection of 4 on the 8 we have cut.


I had put so much of my personal experience into editing this feature that I really wanted to edit the trailer as well, perhaps to make this story sound less dramatic.


I felt so invested and in empathic with my friend Stéphane’s documentary, that I wanted to do the more I could for the success of this project. Therefore, I proposed him to cut the trailer.
“Madame” has won the Jury’s prize in the International feature film competition of Documentamadrid 2019.

Road to Istanbul

I’m sometimes very sad and at the same time deeply interested in Middle East’s political and human situation: Rachid Bouchareb made a very balanced film about these european kids converted to radical islam, secretly going to Syria to become jihadists. Moreover, a story about absence…