La Vie en Rose

Right after “Crimson Rivers 2” came out, I went to Olivier Dahan’s place to show him the cut of a commercial we were finishing. He made me read the ten first pages of the script “La vie en Rose” he had just written. It provided a complex and smart parallel of Edith Piaf’s American career to her childhood. As I finished reading, I stared at him astounded, telling him: “Olivier, I’ll kill you if you don’t hire me on this project”.


This feature film has a very delicate subject: a teenage kid is diagnosed with a cancer and has to suddenly shift his perspective by making decisions that one wouldn’t usually have to make at such young age. During the editing process, I also wrote the voice over text, which was a new experience with narrative for me.

Tears For Sale

“Tears for sale” is the craziest motion picture and the best script I ever had the pleasure of working on: inspired by real events, yet it is controlled by Uros’ slavic passionate personality and Shigeru Umebayashi’s astounding music.
The cutting and post-production process was long and challenging, but the team all agreed it was completely worth it! The film finally found distribution with Luc Besson’s EuropaCorp company.

The Secret

A motion picture with Lili Taylor and David Duchonny! It was also a true pleasure to work with the famous French actor Vincent Perez as the director: I had loved his performance in Chéreau’s “Queen Margot” and while working together I would often ask him to give me his signature glance, with raised eyebrows!